Sunday, September 16, 2012


Hi all,
Several month ago I was trying to find some aftermarket CarPC for my peugeot 407sw without success.
My assumption was the following features of this device:

  • full integration with a car (i.e. climate, audio, warnings etc displaying from the car bus)
  • displaying of the media box already existing in my car
  • complete GPS navigation software
  • possibility to develop a new diagnostic software (or existing one installed on this device)
I didn't find anything, but I found that this device will be really needed. I made some research on existing solutions and ... here it is, the software development has began.

Well, I decide to avoid creation some kind of home page - this will be a blog with useful links and posts about development process, problems during the implementation, tests and so on.

If you are interested - you are welcome! If you want to help you may

  • join to the development journey (as developer, GUI designer ...)
  • donate some €€/$$ for me (I will post PayPal buttons later)

From now, let's begin.