Project information

Operating system

DigiVehi will be cross-platform i.e. it will be highly portable to the unix-based system. Firstly project will use linux as a base, but project will be also works on some real-time platforms later, this is the plan.


Project will be directed to run on the cheap x86 SoC platforms and on cheap ARM based devices (cortex A8).


There are many features that mostly highly requested in the EU states (Finland, Estonia, Germany, Czech Republic, Sweden) and Russia. Below the list of some of them:
  • Integration with vehicle (you will able to remove standard screen w/o lost of functionality)
  • Embed the parking system and/or rear views cameras
  • Video registration software (yeah)
  • Diagnostic software (check engine and other systems errors, reset errors for free)
  • GPS navigation software with actual map

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